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How to Access American Netflix and get more Movies

Netflix released in Australia and New Zealand recently and its now currently in many other countries. Netflix is a streaming service where you pay a small monthly fee to get access to TV shows and movies. For some countries such as New Zealand and Australia the amount of movies and TV shows on Netflix is different to other countries such as America. The American Netflix does have a lot more contents and can be easily accessed by anyone anywhere in the world with the right software. The way the software works is that when you connect to Netflix the software will make it think you are in America so it gives you all the American contents. You need google chrome to do this as this is Chrome add on. Just go here and click add to Chrome and you are all set. A button will appear in the top right to enable and disable it. When it is enabled then all you have to do is go to Netflix and you can see all the movies and TV shows.

Netflix: http://www.netflix.com

Spark's LightBox

Spark offers a new service called Lightbox which is similar to Netflix. The difference is that Lightbox only has TV shows and not movies. There are a lot of TV shows that are on Lightbox but not on the New Zealand version of Netflix. Its easy to use as you need to make an account and then you are all set.  

LightBox: https://www.lightbox.co.nz/


A place to get great torrents is from Kickass Torrents. The download speeds are good and the torrents are reliable. if you wish to download a torrent you will need to be a torrent client such as Utorrent. Once that is installed go and find a torrent that you want to download and then click on the magnet link in order to download it. It will then open up the torrent client and download the torrent.

Best website for downloarding Movies....POPCORN-TIME

Warning ..Do not go to 123 movies... site ..has virus and is not free