Insurance Claim Process

1. Most Insurance Company require report and a quote on most electrical devices.

Our fixed fee is $138 incl GST. Include diagnosed,stripped unit down,checking out & testing all other components, taking Photos and writing a report.

2.Quote accepted. We only used original parts for repairs.

3.Insurance repairs ref: to Laptops. Example diagnosed to be the mother board.Under insurance repair as a rule we do not repair motherboards.Reasons are very clear - you can have intermitting faults occurring later. Also any wrong or substandard components fitted could result in small burn ups or cause even a fire.The insurance will only be paid out once on the item.

3/ All insurance repairs are done with new parts and guaranteed for 1 year including labour.

4/ If you did not have insurance we would try to repair the motherboard and advise you of the risk involved as stated.

-Facts about repairing motherboards.

The only time a technician can repair a motherboard are stock faults, dry joints and circuit protection devices. Any other repairs usually done by the manufacturers and in normal cases they are not economic to repair.